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PipeBrokers.com is the marketing arm for a group of business operators with over thirty years experience in Pipeline Recovery and Steel Pipe Brokerage.  With thousands of miles of pipeline recovery operations successfully achieved, Pipeline Recovery Group is ready, capable and qualified to recover and remove underground pipelines in North America.  Call or email us to discuss how Pipeline Recovery Group can help remove and recover abandoned and unused pipeline liabilities in a safe, legal and clean way.
Browse lots of Steel Pipe For Sale around North America.  Please call or email for pricing.  We work hard to keep prices down and satisfy quality demands of our clients in order to develop long-term relationships. 

Steel Pipe For Sale


Pipeline Recovery Services

- UNUSED and ABANDONED gas, oil or otherwise PIPELINES WANTED!


- Over 30 years experience in pipeline recovery operations.

- Anywhere in the continental United States.

- More miles, the better!

- CALL US TODAY - 989-424-5424


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Steel Pipe Brokerage Services

- We buy surplus steel pipe.


- Qualified and dependable BUYERS are READY for various sizes & types.

- Over 30 years experience in salvage and reconditioning of used pipe.

- Primarily 6" gas & oil pipe, but have buyers for all types of steel pipe.

- CALL US TODAY - 989-424-5424


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Pipeline Recovery Group

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Contract with Pipeline Owners & Operators

We have contracted with several large and modest-sized pipeline owner / operator firms.  When you need a reliable Steel Pipeline Recovery & Removal Operation Specialist, contact us right away to discuss the project scope.  Currently, our 'on the job' lead time is near immediate.  Give us a call to discuss. Or visit our Contact Page for Pipeline Recovery and/or Steel Pipe Brokerage services.

Assist Landowners by removing unused pipelines

In the early to mid 1900s a drive to run gas and oil pipelines occurred in the rush to provide millions of Americans with heating and other fuel related benefits. Some of those areas where business was primarily logging and other slowed industry, the result was unused and abandoned pipelines.  It can be rare, though if you know of such a pipeline, give us a call to discuss. Or visit our Contact Page for Pipeline Recovery and/or Steel Pipe Brokerage services.

Why remove abandoned pipelines?

An abandoned pipeline is a liability to the pipeline owner and the landowner.  For owners of pipelines, recovering unused assets and eliminating maintenance costs can help the bottom line.  For landowners, removing an unused right-of-way has obvious benefits.   If you own or know of such a line, give us a call to discuss. Or visit our Contact Page for Pipeline Recovery and/or Steel Pipe Brokerage services.


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