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The first step is to Register as a Vendor using the form to the left.
This includes the usual entry of your name, username and password and the email address for your Vendor Registration on 
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For good business practices, please fill in your Address Information so we may promote and verify validity of Vendor.

Lastly, enter some Vendor Information such as Vendor Name (The name of your business), email address for Vendors to receive payments from, select your preferred currency, and do tell us a bit about your business.  Be creative.  What do you seek to run your business?  What ideas could you share about your industry?   What does your business generally have to offer? 

Keeping it simple and clear helps.  But, be sure to fill this in!  It is your story, the what, why and how stuff about your business that folks need to know.

Perks of Pipe Brokers' Membership

A free listing of your items to include text, tags, images and up to five categories.

Sometimes a buyer just needs something close, with our gps, tagging, and stuff, your items will show in a map of the region optimal for the buyer. The system also shows relevant items in closest radius out as far as they wish to look.

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Terms of Vendor Services is a secure, adaptable resource for those who need to buy or sell pipe.

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